Our Story

The Family Hope Clinic was created as a place of hope and collaboration for couples, families and individuals. Clients trying out counselling for the first time or those who have encountered negative past experiences are especially welcomed to consult with our seasoned, best-practice skilled clinicians. Our professional office boasts a tranquil space to learn the practice of self-care and methods to experience change.  It would not be complete without the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, calm music, low lighting and the invitation to a cup of specialty tea, coffee or water to help slow down the mind and gain new insights.

Our services & packages address the most prevalent issues in mental health; namely anxiety and marriage & family related concerns.  Our greatest passion is to offer timely, relevant services that help families build strong relationships and learn strategies to cope with mental health concerns.

ANGEL HERDDirector & Art Therapist
Angela Herd is a therapist, coach and educator. She has enjoyed over 20 years of partnerships, with children, youth, adult/seniors & their families seeking increased mental health & wellness.
JENNIFER MICHAUDChild and Family Therapist
MA, RCC – Affiliate
Child & Youth Therapist Jennifer Michaud is a Master’s level Clinical Counsellor with extensive experience working wit…
DEVON HARABALJAConcurrent Counsellor
MA, RCC – Affiliate
Addictions & Counselling Therapist Devon is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who provides counselling to both youth & a…
CHERYL CHRISTINAExecutive Assistant
Cheryl Christina is the Executive Assistant, a valuable member of our team. Cheryl is the organizer behind the scenes, who supports the clini…
Philipp is a Counselling Psychology Intern from UBC. Through the course of his education, he has learned to work with individuals, groups, and famili…