Family Counselling Services

wp-wp-content-uploads-child-and-bike-202x300The Family Hope Clinic helps families in Langley and Surrey BC to understand one another and their different perspectives, attitudes & behaviors.  Understanding various perspectives is supported through the practice of listening, empathy and curiosity.  This can be achieved by working with the family through a combination of individual child/parent sessions; as well as, with the family as a whole.

Through family counselling, your family can learn how to value differences within the family as members gain awareness of healthy connections.  All families have strengths and skills.  The role of the therapist is to provide support to identify and build upon existing strengths and gifts held by members and the system as a whole.

Education to increase parental knowledge of normal child and youth development is provided to help build a framework to understand and manage behavior.  Families build a toolbox of strategies that foster connection, communication and laughter. The use of these tools increases confidence & resiliency that can be drawn upon during challenging and stressful periods that occur within the lifespan of all families.

Empowering Couples, Families & Individuals For Over 20 Years.

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