Emotional Regulation (Anger, Depression, Anxiety)

anger-managementOur anger and anxiety counselling programs are recommended if you or someone you love experiences problems at home, work or community because of uncontrollable anger or anxiety.

An anger control counselling program can help you:

  • Be more aware of your anger.
  • Explore the history and role of anger in your life.
  • Learn the difference between anger and aggression and how the two are related.
  • Know what triggers you to feel angry and why.
  • Understand the relationship between your thoughts, body, feelings and behaviour.
  • Identify various levels of anger and specific strategies to deal with your personal experience of anger.
  • Develop relaxation, communication & assertiveness skills.
  • Learn to cope with and reduce stress, irritation and anger triggers & experiences.
  • Improve the quality of your relationships and satisfaction of life.

At Family Life Clinic, our anger control programs are available through Individual Program Packages and Group Packages.

Everyone experiences anger.

Anger is a normal human emotion like happiness, sadness, fear etc.

It is normal to feel anger; however, if anger becomes overwhelming and feels out of control, it can leave you and those around you feeling anxious, frightened or unsafe.   Support to learn alternative ways to control anger is reco’s whole body and causes physical, cognitive, behavioral and emotional reactions.

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Anxiety Counselling & Management Programs

Isn’t anxiety normal?

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time such as the first day of school, in anticipation of an upcoming test or interview.  This level of anxiety is considered a normal reaction to stress as long as it does not hamper you from achieving your goals or negatively impact your relationships.  Excessive or inappropriate anxiety is a problem and can negatively impact your life or cause significant distress.

Common Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety can look and feel different to different people.  Are some  symptoms associated with anxiety:

  • Panic attacks and/or worry about having more attacks
  • Fear of being in certain situations or things such as crowds, line-ups, bridges, buses, snakes, spiders, elevators etc.
  • Worry about being watched in social or performance situations with fear of negative evaluation by others
  • Excessive, uncontrollable worry that may be about work, school, future, health, family, well-being etc.
  • Unwanted intrusive thoughts that are difficult to manage or a need to perform ritualistic or repeated behaviors to reduce feeling anxious/fearful
  • Memories of a fearful or traumatic event that may cause increased physical tension, discomfort or pain in the body

Unhealthy levels of anxiety impact a person.

To determine if you have a problem with anxiety, ask yourself:

  • How often am I experiencing these bouts of anxiety?
  • Am I having more difficulty coping with my symptoms on my own?
  • Is my anxiety interfering with my ability to sleep?
  • Am I having trouble functioning in my daily life?

What are the benefits of an anxiety group or anxiety counselling?

  • Talking about anxiety in a group with other people who also experience anxiety can be a powerful experience:
  • Learn to identify the cause of your anxiety
  • Identify how anxiety affects your body, thoughts, feelings AND decisions
  • Helps you to develop strategies to cope with anxiety
  • Provides you with relaxation training to maintain greater balance and less worry in your day to day.

Many people experience anxiety and suffer in silence and fear.  Anxiety is treatable.  Research tells us that untreated anxiety can lead to other issues related to our mental and physical health.  If you are experiencing anxiety, please call us at 1-604-510-4673.  We would be happy to assist you to live more freely. If you have any questions or concerns about joining a group for learning how to manage anxiety, please give us a call.

We would be happy to answer any of your questions or discuss concerns.  Also, please check out the testimonials page-particularly from past group members.  Many of the testimonials are from people who have not participated in a therapeutic group before.

If you experience overwhelming anxiety about group therapy and would prefer individual anxiety counselling, please give us a call at 1-604-510-4673 to set up an appointment.  The same activities and strategies can be learned within individual session packages.  There is a recommendation of 6 individual sessions to increase basic awareness and skills related to anxiety; however, additional client concerns may increase the recommended number of sessions.

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