Having clarity is essential to living your best life

Achieving a successful outcome may seem out of reach but we have the experience to inspire hope and support you as you make those initial steps of empowerment & change.

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Family Counselling in Surrey and Langley

We aim to understand your unique situation

Whether you are in a relationship that is hanging by a thread or wanting to enhance communication at home, our programs (such as couples or marriage counselling, or children’s play therapy) are designed to fit your needs to achieve the change you are looking for.

With great care & proven expertise, we support individuals who are struggling with anger or anxiety difficulties, grief/loss, addiction, suicidal ideation; as well as relationship conflict at home or at work.

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Discover Our Story

We also work with children & youth suffering from:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Autism
  • Trauma
  • Bullying
  • Behavioral Changes
“Angela is a team player, is fair and objective planning and implementing projects. She has energy and a positive attitude for getting the work done.”
Madeleine Addison
“Angela takes a consistently strong and effective approach to working with and managing people. Her passion for service is surpassed only by her ability to identify peoples’ talents and strength.”
Steve Holowka
“Angela is creative and innovative in her work as a group therapist. Her warmth and active listening skills are not only valuable to clients but also as a team member.”
Colleen Calderwood

Empowering Couples, Families & Individuals For Over 20 Years.

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